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FSW spindle

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Transform your robot into a cutting-edge friction stir welding powerhouse. Experience unparalleled precision, efficiency, and quality with our FSW spindle for robots.

Standard FSW head for CNC

Why Equip Your Payload Robot with the FSW Spindle?

friction stir welding cost efficiency

No hydraulic power

The Stirweld FSW spindle for robots operates without hydraulic power, making it more cost-effective and maintenance-free, relying solely on electrical and pneumatic power.

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Designed for exceptional versatility, the Stirweld FSW spindle is suitable for all robot integrators and aligns seamlessly with every high payload robot model on the market.

friction stir welding support

Hybrid FSW spindle

Merge welding and milling tasks effortlessly at one station with the Stirweld hybrid FSW spindle, equipped with an innovative automatic tool changer.

friction stir welding machine rental option

Automatic tool change

With the Stirweld FSW spindle for robots, experience the convenience of automatic tool changing and hands-free management of FSW tool lifespan.

Unlocking Friction Stir Welding: Key Features of the Standard FSW Head

friction stir welding machine force control

Rotational speed

The Stirweld FSW spindle reaches 9000 RPM with both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, enhanced by RPM monitoring and FSW parameter optimization for optimal performance.

friction stir welding machine force control

Welding speed

The Stirweld FSW spindle offers welding speeds of up to 4 m/min. With its FSW weld quality control, it has parameter optimization features for adjusting the welding speed.

friction stir welding machine force control

Force control

The Stirweld FSW robot spindle handles up to 18 kN, offers forging force monitoring, and allows fine-tuning of forging force parameters for peak performance.

friction stir welding machine force control

FSW torque

With the capability of 100 N.m at 3,000 RPM and 30 N.m at 9,000 RPM, our Stirweld FSW spindle prioritizes torque monitoring and fine-tuning to ensure optimal weld quality.

robot friction stir welding
robotic friction stir welding machine
controlling robotic friction stir welding
friction stir welding machine force control

Automatic tool changer

Enhance operations with our HSK63-equipped tool changer. Perfect for FSW/milling. Features automatic FSW tool life management and safety protocols.

friction stir welding machine force control

Cooling efficiency

Using water cooling, the spindle system cools the shaft, motor and housing, ensuring consistent FSW tool temperature. It also monitors water flow and temperature with a safety emergency stop.

friction stir welding machine force control

Spindle temperature

For maximum safety, an immediate emergency stop is included. The spindle has triple thermal sensors for precise temperature monitoring and enhanced protection.

friction stir welding machine force control

Warning pop-up

Warning system with two thresholds designed by FSW welders: vigilance and problem detection. The vigilance alert activates for deviations from the standard process, while problem detection responds to safety process breaches.

friction stir welding machine force control

Spindle Activity Monitoring

Comprehensive logging of welding time, usage ratio and spindle activation.

Technical Specifications of the FSW Spindle for Robot

Conceived by specialists in friction stir welding, our FSW spindle for robot elevates any high payload robot into a multifunctional powerhouse. This solution not only facilitates Friction Stir Welding but also transforms your robot into a dual-purpose instrument capable of both welding and machining.

robotic friction stir welding for flexible production
Quick connect | No hydraulic power for easier integration & maintenance | Suitable for any brand
Adaptable to any heavy payload robot
Smart data process monitoring | Full equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance
Static shoulder FSW compatible (SSFSW) | Air- & water-cooling circuit inside the FSW shaft | Usable with cutting fluid, output & shaft input
FSW tools – compatible with Stirweld catalog
10 000 RPM rotating spindle | 100 N.m at 3000 RPM | 30 N.m at 10000 RPM | Encoder system
HSK63 standard attachment | Automatic tool changing management
Rotational speedUp to 8000 RPM for high welding and milling speed
Maximum payload12 kN
Cooling systemFull water cooling for high productivity
MonitoringFull monitoring for 100% online quality control (according to EN 9100 standard)
PowerFull electrical ad pneumatic power (no hydraulic power)
FSW spindle specifications

Human Machine Interface of FSW Spindle for Robot

This state-of-the-art Human Machine Interface (HMI) seamlessly integrates into the modern industrial landscape, offering a range of connected functionalities. With this system, users can effortlessly initiate manufacturing orders, manage tailored production recipes featuring precise welding parameters and generate vital data files. Additionally, operators have manual control over specific events, the ability to adjust the retractable pin length, access real-time system status reports and can view selectable value curves to ensure impeccable weld quality. Dive into the future of welding with our advanced interface, designed for today’s robotic applications.

temperature monitoring system in FSW head

“The functionalities are impressive and ahead of most available systems on the market. It is good to see that the spindle has all the sensors included to make it a smart system. Also, it is nice to see the « true tilt » measurement.”


Senior project leader of worldwide technological center

Advanced Option of Our FSW Spindle for Robot

Designed for craftsmen and professionals striving for utmost accuracy, our FSW spindle embodies advanced features that set it apart in weld quality.

  • Dual Temperature Monitoring: Our spindle offers up to two distinct temperature measurements directly within the FSW tool, allowing for real-time insights and unparalleled precision.
  • Superior Quality Control: With continuous weld temperature monitoring, ensure that every weld meets the stringent standards of FSW quality.
  • Optimization at its Best: For those aiming for perfection, our FSW spindle provides the unique advantage of fine-tuning the weld temperature, allowing users to optimize FSW parameters for peak performance.

Explore the next generation of FSW with our advanced smart tool holder, a testament to Stirweld’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of welding.

friction stir welding temperature insights

Smart tool holder

Smart tool holder measures weld temperatures for precise FSW quality & parameter optimization.

Dimensions of our FSW Spindle for Robot

SizeHeight of 576 mm (22.68 in)
Weight150 kg
Center of gravity relative to the robot flangeX = 0 mm
Y = 0 mm
Z = 200 mm
Spatial position of FSW forces relative to the robot flangeX = 0 mm
Y = 0 mm
Z = 520 mm
standard FSW head dimensions

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