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Shaping the future of Friction Stir Welding with innovation and expertise.

We Make Friction Stir Welding Accessible

Since its inception, Stirweld has been at the forefront of the Friction Stir Welding industry. Our foundational mission is not only to introduce you to this groundbreaking technology but to ensure its seamless integration into your operations. We are dedicated to enhancing your experience with advanced, cost-effective products and services that encapsulate the full potential of FSW. Our team, a blend of expertise and unwavering dedication, is reshaping the market by making FSW technology affordable for a broader range of applications. For too long, since 1995, FSW has been the exclusive domain of high-value sectors. At Stirweld, we turn the tide with our innovative and adaptable solutions, democratizing FSW and propelling industries forward.

What Guides Us: Our Values

At Stirweld, we’re driven by a core set of principles that influence our actions and fuel our success. Our values are the cornerstones of our identity, reflecting our commitment to innovation, ecological responsibility, workplace enjoyment, ethical practices, and global reach. They shape the way we work with our customers, our approach to business, and our contributions to industry advancements.

fsw innovation


We dedicate at least 15% of our turnover to R&D, assisting clients to create quality, innovative products at the best price, with certified processes (ISO 9001, ISO 25239, AWS D17.3, lean manufacturing).

fsw low cost


Dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint (ISO 14001 initiative), we engage in eco-friendly projects (e-mobility, hydrogen, biogas) and support the use of sustainable and recyclable materials like aluminum.

fsw low cost


We are committed to a work culture that respects individuals, encourages enjoyable and modern practices, and promotes open knowledge sharing and strategic transparency within our team and with partners.

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Our commitment is to build a responsible business that addresses societal issues, respects human and diversity rights, ensures gender equality, involves the youth and contributes to Industry 4.0 (ISO 26000 initiative).

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A multicultural team and worldwide client base underscore our dedication to global engagement, showcasing our expansive reach and commitment to fostering international relationships and understanding.

Our Vision: Pioneering Sustainable Innovation in Friction Stir Welding

At Stirweld, our vision is centered around contributing to ecological and industrial transition through the democratization of Friction Stir Welding. We believe that by making FSW more accessible, we can significantly impact both the environment and the future of manufacturing.

Our Ecological Contribution

  • Eco-Mobility Boost: Supporting e-mobility in vehicles ranging from cars and motorcycles to buses, boats, trains, trucks, bicycles and tractors.
  • Advancing Hydrogen Mobility: Pioneering liquid hydrogen applications – the future of heavy mobility – in buses, boats, trains, trucks, and tractors.
  • Aluminum Utilization: Promoting the use of aluminum, which is light, infinitely recyclable and durable, contributing to a sustainable lifecycle for materials.
  • Tool Life Extension: Giving CNC machines a second life, enhancing their value and reducing waste.
  • Carbon Neutrality Goal: Achieving carbon neutrality by 2025, underlining our commitment to sustainability.
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Our Industrial Contribution

  • Local Manufacturing: Keeping our subcontracting within 200 km to minimize logistics-related emissions and support local economies.
  • Supply Chain Excellence: Constantly improving our supply chain for efficiency and sustainability.
  • Human-Centric Innovation: This defines our path toward an organization where innovation is intertwined with the well-being of individuals, shaping an industry geared toward the future. We hold strong and authentic values close to our mission, creating a collaborative atmosphere that promotes strategic engagement from our team, clients and suppliers alike. By incorporating the youth into our vision, we aim to build a forward-thinking workforce prepared to meet societal challenges. At Stirweld, we’re not just participants in our industry; we’re active contributors to a societal evolution.

Democratizing Friction Stir Welding

  • Accessibility Revolution: Aiming to make FSW as revolutionary and accessible as 3D printing has become for machining.
  • Global Leadership: Striving to be a global leader in FSW, breaking down barriers and expanding the technology reach.
  • Affordable Innovation: Our development focuses on cost-effective equipment that dramatically reduces the financial barrier to FSW, enabling companies of all sizes to harness the benefits of this advanced welding technology.
  • Educational Empowerment: We are committed to empowering our community with knowledge, providing comprehensive training, free educational resources such as webinars, instructional videos, in-depth white papers, insightful articles and informative infographics, all aimed at demystifying FSW and encouraging widespread adoption.
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Our Journey

From our inception, Stirweld has been at the forefront of FSW innovation. Our path is marked by a steadfast commitment to democratize this advanced technology. With each step, we have turned industry challenges into opportunities, bringing friction stir welding into a new era of accessibility and excellence.


Inception of the project

fsw history

Laurent Dubourg, our CEO, explored FSW technology since 2005 and faced a primary challenge: the high cost of FSW machines. This led him to ponder, “Why not use a CNC machine for FSW?”


First development

stirweld friction stir welding history

Gilles Sevestre, our CTO, developed the first FSW head for CNC.


Stirweld’s birth

friction stir welding company birth

Stirweld was founded as a French start-up with the ambition of democratizing Friction Stir Welding worldwide. We become a Tier 1 supplier for the Ariane 6 program.


International development

friction stir welding company international development

Stirweld had already sold six FSW heads internationally and had a team of six members.


Fundraising of 2 millions €

friction stir welding machine installation

Stirweld accelerated its growth, raising €2 million in funds and expanding its team by 10 people.


1 million € of turnover

stirweld team

Stirweld continued to grow, with a turnover surpassing 1 million euros and a dedicated team of 16 people.


Stirweld lands in USA

friction stir welding company usa

The international expansion of Stirweld accelerated, with 32 heads installed globally, achieving a turnover of 2 million euros and growing the team to 25 employees. Additionally, to enhance our proximity to customers and to respond more swiftly to their needs, we established Stirweld Inc., a subsidiary based in Detroit, MI, USA.


A new home for growth

friction stir welding company usa

Stirweld relocated to a larger facility in France, scaling up our capacity for innovation and growth to meet the future demands of FSW technology.



friction stir welding for the space sector


friction stir welding in aeronautics


friction stir welding for the space sector



FSW heads installed worlwide


team members

1 000 000

welded parts by our customers

fsw technology worlwide

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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stirweld client its
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FSW of machined cold plate
FSW of machined cold plate

Recognition and Trust: Stirweld European Projects

The innovative spirit and technical expertise of Stirweld have garnered significant trust across Europe, underscored by successful participation in two major European projects:

friction stir welding machine project

The H2020 Cleansky project, “FUN HEAD”, marks a collaborative victory for Stirweld, alongside partners ICA Armines and Avantis. This collaboration led to the development of the FSW head with retractable pin, pushing the boundaries of welding technology further into the future.

friction stir welding european project

Stirweld has proudly contributed to the H2020, Innovation Action project “RESURGAM,” focusing on the innovative welding of steel structures and underwater aluminium. This initiative is setting new benchmarks in welding technologies, enhancing capabilities for a sustainable industrial future.

These projects reflect not only Stirweld position at the forefront of innovation but also showcase a commitment to advancing the industry through collaborative excellence and groundbreaking research.

Our Quality Standard

stirweld iso 9001 certified

ISO 9001 Standard

The ISO 9001 standard guarantees the proper implementation of our company’s quality management system.

stirweld iso 25239 certified

ISO 25239 – Friction Stir Welding

Stirweld rigorously follows the guidelines set out in ISO 25239 – Friction Stir Welding: design of weld joints, qualification of welding operators, specification and qualification of welding procedures, quality and inspection requirements.

stirweld twi industrial member

TWI Industrial Member

Stirweld is an industrial member of TWI, a leading independent research & technology organization and the inventor of FSW.

stirweld american welding society certified

American Welding Society – D17.3

Requirements for friction stir welding of aluminium aerospace hardware (design of welded joints, qualification of procedures & operators, fabrication & inspection.

Stirweld is supported by large number of key innovation players:

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