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Standard tool holder

Universal solution for your friction stir welding operations.

standard tool holder

Enhance your FSW Operations with our Standard Tool Holder

Discover our versatile range of standard tool holders, designed to secure your tools for milling, drilling and Friction Stir Welding operations. Available in both fixed and retractable versions, our tool holders offer the adaptability and precision required for your machining needs.

friction stir welding cost efficiency

Versatility at Its Best

Our tool holders are engineered to seamlessly integrate with any FSW machinery setup, including Stirweld FSW heads for CNC, robot-mounted FSW spindles, specialized FSW machines and FSW automation robots.

friction stir welding quick setup

Unwavering Reliability

Experience the Stirweld commitment to quality with our rigorously controlled tool holder specifications, which include precise geometry and verified material hardness for consistent performance.

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An Universal Standard

We’ve embraced the Whistle Notch attachment system standardization, ensuring our tool holders provide a universal fit, simplifying the setup and enhancing compatibility across various FSW applications.

Standard Tool Holder Collection

Delve into the world of precision with Stirweld Standard Tool Holder, the universal solution for enhancing your friction stir welding operations. Our tool holders are meticulously designed to elevate your FSW capabilities, providing you with a seamless and precise tool-holding experience. Whether you are milling, drilling or engaging in the intricate process of FSW, our tool holders ensure your tools are secured with unmatched precision.

FSW welding
Suitable for FSW tool size from F-AA-1 to F-AA-4
Stirweld FSW head for CNCH-NC-W1
FSW welding
Suitable for FSW tool size from F-AA-1 to F-AA-4
Thin version
Stirweld FSW head for CNCH-NC-W2
FSW welding
Suitable for FSW tool size from F-AA-5 to F-AA-7
Stirweld FSW head for CNCH-NC-W3
MillingStirweld FSW head for CNCH-NC-M
FSW weldingFSW special machineH-FSW-W
FSW welding or millingFSW robotH-R-W

Explore the detailed specifications of our Standard Tool Holder Collection and find the perfect match for your machinery. Each holder is crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and performance, reflecting the dedication of Stirweld to excellence in every aspect of FSW technology.

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