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Friction Stir Welding in Railway

FSW technology is transforming the railway industry with its lightweight, high-quality and cost-effective components.

Unlocking Railway Potential with Advanced FSW Techniques

Railway industries worldwide are seeking modernization, sustainability, and safety enhancements for aging infrastructures and equipment. The Friction Stir Welding technique offers eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions, ensuring high-quality joints and broad material adaptability, meeting these challenges effectively.

Navigating Railway Challenges with FSW Technology

water jacket welding

Many railway networks and trains worldwide are aging and need modernization to enhance their efficiency, safety, and reliability.

  • FSW solution: FSW can be used for the repair and maintenance of existing infrastructures, as well as for welding train floors and sides. This prolongs their lifespan and reduces the need for costly replacements.
motor controller assembly

With the rise of climate change and growing environmental awareness, the industry is pressured to adopt more sustainable practices, whether in emissions, energy consumption or materials used.

  • FSW solution: FSW welding provides high-quality joints with minimal distortion. As a solid-state process, it emits no gases or fumes, making it an eco-friendlier option than traditional welding methods. This technology also enables the welding of any aluminum alloy, allowing for the increased use of aluminum, a recyclable material, potentially replacing steel. This means that, in the future, railway components made from aluminum can be recycled for other uses.
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In a context where other transportation modes (like aviation or road transport) are direct competitors, the railway industry constantly aims to reduce costs while improving service and equipment quality.

  • FSW solution: FSW’s operational costs are typically lower than conventional assembly techniques, due to reduced consumables, waste, quality issues and labor. Moreover, with Stirweld equipment, costs are further reduced given its comparatively lower investment cost compared to specialized machines.
custom liquid plate

With technological advancements, it’s essential to regularly train personnel on new technologies and methods while attracting new talents.

  • FSW solution: Once implemented, Friction Stir Welding is simpler to operate than many traditional welding methods, reducing the need for extensive training. In fact, with our FSW training offer, only two days are needed to become an FSW operator.
custom liquid plate

Embracing newer, lighter, more durable and resilient materials is crucial for improving train and infrastructure performance.

  • FSW solution: FSW process enables welding of all aluminum alloys and other materials that are challenging to weld using conventional methods. This paves the way for innovative material use in railway design.

Exploring FSW Applications in the Railway Sector

In the critical railway sector, safety, fatigue resistance, adaptability to climate changes and corrosion resistance, coupled with superior component quality, are indispensable. Friction Stir Welding addresses these demands by enabling the welding of various railway components.

aluminum panel stiffener

Stiffened panels

Employed in train floors and side structures, stiffened panels benefit from FSW, a prevalent welding technique for these vital railway elements.

aerospace thermal management

Cold plates

Essential for managing the thermal aspects of railway equipment’s electric components, liquid cold plates ensure the peak performance and longevity of advanced systems.

Recommended FSW Equipment for Railway Applications

Our FSW equipments deliver a range of benefits in terms of quality, cost and environmental impact, meeting the rigorous requirements of the railway sector. Dive into the equipment our experts particularly recommend for your unique requirements.

friction stir welding machine

Standard FSW head for CNC

Designed for versatility, our Standard FSW head is compatible with 3, 4 or 5 axis machines, immediately offering precise force control, live force monitoring, effective tool cooling, and enhanced protection against mechanical stresses and vibrations — all crucial for top-notch FSW welding.

friction stir welding equipment

FSW spindle for robot

Tailored for high payload robots, this FSW solution provides conventional industrial robots with friction stir welding capabilities. This transforms them into multifunctional tools that merge welding and machining functions, complete with automated tool-switching capabilities.

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Dive Deeper: Comprehensive FSW Railway Applications Resources

Eager to explore FSW Railway Applications further? We’ve compiled a selection of valuable resources tailored for you, featuring engaging webinars, informative articles, and comprehensive whitepapers. Dive in by clicking below to discover the repository of knowledge we’ve prepared for you.

Webinar – 45 min

Stiffened panels welded by FSW

Explore the replay of our webinar! Dive deep into innovative techniques for assembling stiffened panels through friction stir welding. The session covers the distinct attributes of 6xxx alloys and the intricacies of high strength 2xxx and 7xxx aluminum alloys. Gain insights from industry experts, making this a must-watch whether you’re a seasoned professional or just keen on broadening your knowledge.

Blog articles – 5 min

Overcoming cold plate manufacturing challenges

Stiffened panels assambled by friction stir welding

White paper – 20 min

Thermal management – FSW liquid cold plate

Discover the prowess of FSW in fabricating liquid cold plates within our enlightening white paper. Transform manufacturing obstacles into prospects by tackling essential concerns with this resource.

overcoming cold plate manufacturing challenges

White paper – 20 min

Aluminium stiffened panels welded by FSW

Explore the unmatched ease of assembling stiffened aluminium panels with FSW in our concise white paper. Transform assembly challenges with techniques ensuring durability and resistance.

thermal management - FSW liquid cold plate

On Track with FSW Technology?

Delve deeper into how Friction Stir Welding can reshape rail manufacturing and maintenance. If you’re seeking innovative solutions or have questions about FSW in the rail sector, we’re here to guide you.