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Milling add-on

Switch from welding to machining in an instant for milling the flash.

standard tool holder

Enhance your machine versatility with our advanced milling add-on designed for FSW heads

Maximize your productivity with our innovative milling add-on: seamlessly transition from welding to machining in a flash. This tool exchange system transforms your setup into a hybrid FSW welding and machining powerhouse, enabling quick milling tasks such as flash removal. Embrace the primary benefit of time efficiency with dual operations on a single machine, all automated and with zero need for manual intervention.

friction stir welding support

Enhanced modularity

Effortlessly switch between friction stir welding and machining in moments – complete versatility at your fingertips.

friction stir welding cost efficiency

Milling speed

Achieve speeds of up to 5m/min, perfect for swift flash removal on FSW welds, with the added benefit of IP64-rated lubrication compatibility.

friction stir welding quick setup

Universal compatibility

Our add-on is engineered to fit your Standard FSW head, ensuring seamless integration with your existing CNC machinery. 

friction stir welding support


Benefit from the enduring performance of our quality equipment designed to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Unlocking Friction Stir Welding x Milling: Principle of the Milling Add-On

friction stir welding application in industry

Initiate the Friction Stir Welding process on your parts. 

friction stir welding with flash automation

The FSW head moves towards the milling add-on. Auto-locating slots on the add-on ensure accurate alignment.

milling process automation

Commence the milling operation to seamlessly remove any visual flash defects resulting from the welding stage.

water block friction stir weld

Your part is now complete, adhering to the stringent ISO 25239 quality standard and ready for delivery.

Machine Footprint of our Milling Add-on

cnc milling machine
Size200-mm long (7.9 in), 200-mm wide (7.9 in), 200-mm high (7.9 in)
Weight13,6 kg
Minimum spindle nose to table500 mm (19.7 in)

Milling Add-On for FSW Heads: Industrial Application Showcase

cnc milling and friction stir welding machine for high production

Optimized CNC Solutions for High-Volume Production.

milling turntable design

Efficient CNC turntable design: simultaneous part loading/unloading and FSW processing.

milling and friction stir welding automation

Parts are Friction Stir Welded with an auto-clamping Jig, followed by flash removal via the milling add-on for flawless weld finishes.

Transform Your FSW Process

Revolutionize your CNC setup with our Milling Add-On for FSW Heads. Embrace efficiency and precision in one solution. Contact us to explore how this add-on can elevate your production.