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Friction Stir Welding Training

Train your team to become FSW welders in just 2 days.

Standard FSW head for CNC

Why Choose Stirweld for your Friction Stir Welding Training?

cold plate technology

Cost Savings

Engage directly with your components during hands-on sessions, achieving both time and cost optimization.

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Advanced Technology Understanding

Gain deeper insights into Friction Stir Welding technology for innovative component design.

FSW chill plate

Master FSW Fundamental Concepts

Boost component development by enhancing design, optimizing welding parameters and increasing speeds.

FSW chill plate

Streamlined FSW Integration

Gain access to our comprehensive suite of commercial and technical documentation to facilitate the adoption of FSW at your facility.

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FSW Proficiency

Enhance the capabilities of your team with state-of-the-art Friction Stir Welding technology.

Unlocking Friction Stir Welding: Key Features of Stirweld FSW Training

Our two-day Friction Stir Welding training program offers multiple modules that teach you how to increase your sales using FSW. Learn to design your parts for FSW compatibility and to identify the optimal welding parameters to streamline the process.

Day 1: Classroom training

Morning 1: Boost your sales by mastering FSW

3 hours

  • Introduction to Friction Stir Welding
  • FSW applications
  • Cost benefits
  • Advantages on products
  • Process advantages
  • Customer benefits
  • Limitations
  • FSW tools: choice and design

Afternoon 1: How to design for FSW?

3 hours

  • Design your welded parts: geometrical requirements, flatness, weld resistance, welding sequence
  • Design your clamping system
friction stir welding training classroom

Day 2: Workshop training

Morning 2: Optimisation of key parameters and quality control

3 hours

  • Parameter impact and parameter determination
  • Quality control and ISO 25239
  • Understand and solve FSW defects

Afternoon 2: Optimisation of welding parameters

3 hours

  • Determine the optimal welding parameters on parts.

Example of optimization after our training:

  • Increase the welding speed from 500 to 1500 mm/min.
  • From 95 to 100% leak proof parts.
  • FSW joint efficiency of 6xxx alloy from 70 to 80%.
friction stir welding training workshop

Our Friction Stir Welding training program is held at our state-of-the-art facilities, which gives you the opportunity to work with our advanced FSW welding equipment. However, we understand the importance of context and familiarity, so if you have FSW equipment on hand, we can also provide the training at your location, ensuring that it’s tailored to your team’s specific environment. For more details on hosting the training at your facility, please reach out to us.

Master FSW with our Expert-Led Training

To ensure you and your team achieve proficiency in Friction Stir Welding, our FSW specialists will be dedicated to your learning over the course of the two-day program. They will be available to guide you through the training and to address all your queries as you progress through the course.

friction stir welding expert

Laurent Dubourg

CEO & Cofounder

PhD – M.Sc Engineer: 17 years of research on FSW

friction stir welding expertise

Valentin Pecqueur


M.Sc Welding Engineer
IWE N° 01728

how does friction stir welding work

Kim Ouzilleau

International welding engineer

M.Sc Welding Engineer
IWE N° 01977

friction stir welding how it works

Gilles Sevestre

CTO & Cofounder

M.Sc Mechanical Engineer: FSW head development for 8 year

Streamlined FSW Integration with Comprehensive Support Materials

During our Friction Stir Welding training, we provide an extensive collection of technical and commercial documents to facilitate the successful integration of FSW technology within your facility.

Technical documents

  • Design Guidelines: Cutting-edge design principles and rules.
  • Part Analysis: A checklist to meticulously evaluate your part design.
  • WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) and PQR (Procedure Qualification Record): Essential for quality assurance in compliance with ISO 25239 standards.
  • Electronic Training Materials: Interactive support for your technical training needs.

Sales documents

  • FSW Market Survey: In-depth analysis of the current market trends.
  • Sales Presentation: A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to bolster your sales strategy.
  • Electronic Training Materials: Digital resources to support your sales training.

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