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FSW tools for aluminium welding

Friction Stir Welding on aluminium 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx.

Standard FSW head for CNC

Balancing Durability, Performance and Quality: Stirweld FSW Tools for Aluminium Welding

friction stir welding machine force control

The challenge

Users of FSW constantly seek tools with optimal endurance. However, this durability must not compromise quality or performance. Moreover, these tools need to be available at a controlled cost. These requirements emphasize the importance of balancing longevity, efficiency, and affordability, highlighting the expectations of users for robust and economically viable solutions.

friction stir welding machine force control

The Stirweld solution

At Stirweld, we are redefining excellence in the FSW industry. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our approach to tool production: we employ standardization and mass production to ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Every tool benefit from a precise heat treatment process, assuring the stability of its mechanical properties over time. We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control, ensuring each product meets our exacting standards. One of the hallmarks of our design is the optimized geometry of our tools, crafted to eliminate welding defects and to accelerate the welding process. With a welding lifetime that exceeds 1500 meters, our tools are built to last.

robot friction stir welding

For those specializing in aluminum welding, we offer specialized FSW tools available in both a smart version and a retractable pin version.

Aluminium FSW Tool Collection

Delve into our extensive collection of FSW tools meticulously engineered for aluminium welding. We’ve dedicated countless hours to the design and testing of each tool in our assortment, ensuring they not only meet but exceed industry standards. These tools have been crafted to deliver consistent results, ensuring optimal weld quality, reduced defects and prolonged tool life.

1 to 2 mm butt1 to 2 mm lapF-AA-0,5-X
1 to 3 mm butt1 to 3 mm lapF-AA-1-X
2 to 4.5 mm butt2 to 4 mm lapF-AA-2-X
4 to 6 mm butt4 to 5 mm lapF-AA-3-X
5 to 7 mm butt5 to 7 mm lapF-AA-4-X
6 to 8 mm butt6 to 8 mm lapF-AA-5-X
7 to 10 mm butt7 to 10 mm lapF-AA-6-X
9 to 12 mm butt9 to 12 mm lapF-AA-7-X

Moving beyond our standard collection, we understand the intricacies and nuances that different projects and industries bring. Recognizing this, we stand ready to cater to bespoke requirements. Whether you’re facing a unique challenge or have specific tooling needs, our team is equipped to develop specialized tools tailored exclusively for your application. Our commitment is to provide solutions that align perfectly with your objectives, fostering efficiency and excellence in your welding endeavors.

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