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FSW tools for welding aluminium to steel

Weld over 800 meters of aluminium to steel with high quality guaranteed.

Standard FSW head for CNC

Maximizing Efficiency and Lifespan: Stirweld FSW Tools for Aluminium-to-Steel Welding

friction stir welding machine force control

The challenge

Welding dissimilar materials, particularly aluminium and steel, presents a unique set of challenges. One of the most prominent of these is the accelerated wear of the FSW tool, especially the pin. This wear doesn’t just reduce the tool’s life—it also significantly increases welding costs.

friction stir welding machine force control

The Stirweld solution

Understanding the challenges of welding aluminium and steel together, Stirweld offers a specialized FSW tool specifically designed for this purpose. Our tool boasts the capability to produce over 800 meters of welds between these distinct materials, translating to a remarkable 1000% improvement. The aluminium-to-steel assembly is especially advantageous for applications aiming for weight reduction, which is a critical requirement in sectors like automotive. To further enhance the welding experience and ensure optimum results, our tools come in a smart version that records temperature throughout the welding operation, guaranteeing consistent quality and performance.

FSW Tool Collection for Welding Aluminium to Steel

When it comes to the intricate process of welding aluminium to steel, the right FSW tool makes all the difference. Our collection is meticulously designed, keeping in mind the distinct metallurgical challenges posed by this unique combination. Each tool reflects Stirweld commitment to innovation, performance and reliability. Dive into our range of tools tailored for aluminium to steel welding and find the perfect fit for your requirements:

1 to 3 mmButt, lap, T-shapeF-AFE-2-X
2 to 4 mmButt, lap, T-shapeF-AFE-3-X
4 to 6 mmButt, lap, T-shapeF-AFE-4-X

Every project and application has unique requirements. Recognizing this, versatility remains a priority in the offerings. All tools in the collection come in both fixed and retractable pin versions. While the list showcases standard tools ideal for various tasks, there’s also an understanding of the need for customization. For those with specific requirements, custom-built tools, designed according to the application, are available. With Stirweld, the right tool for the job is always within reach.

Master Aluminium-to-Steel Welding with Stirweld

Dive deeper into the realm of Friction Stir Welding tools designed specifically for aluminium to steel projects. Download the comprehensive catalogue now, or reach out to discuss customizations tailored to your specific needs.