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Friction Stir Welding webinars: empower your journey towards mastery.

With Stirweld, Friction Stir Welding Demystified

Dive into the world of Friction Stir Welding with our complimentary webinar series. At Stirweld, we’re committed to unlocking the full potential of FSW technology for everyone. Join us as we share invaluable insights and practical expertise, making this transformative welding process accessible to all. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, our mission is to equip you with the knowledge you need to excel. Start your journey to FSW mastery today – no cost, just knowledge.

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How does Friction Stir Welding overcome cold plate manufacturing challenges?

March 12, 2024


Join our webinar to unveil the remarkable capabilities of Friction Stir Welding (FSW). Learn how FSW ensures leak-proof reliability, significantly boosts thermal management efficiency and drastically reduces manufacturing costs. We’ll dive deep into the transformative impact of FSW on production processes, showcasing how this innovative technology can revolutionize your operations. Gain exclusive insights into leveraging FSW for unparalleled manufacturing excellence.

Enjoy a 45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

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Watch On Demand

If you missed our live Friction Stir Welding webinars, don’t worry—you can still access the wealth of expertise shared. Our on-demand library categorizes sessions into FSW Process and FSW Applications, offering concise insights in under 45 minutes. Simply select your category, register and stream immediately to catch up with the latest in Friction Stir Welding whenever it fits your schedule.

FSW Process

Explore the fundamentals of Friction Stir Welding through our detailed webinars. Learn about the science, mechanics and variables of FSW that make it a unique welding technology. Understand the process from equipment to execution, and gain insights into how FSW is revolutionizing modern manufacturing.

FSW Applications

Dive into the diverse applications of Friction Stir Welding across industries in our specialized webinars. Discover case studies, industry-specific uses and how FSW can solve complex joining challenges in aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and more.

If our friction stir welding webinars have sparked a deeper interest or you find yourself needing more targeted and in-depth knowledge in friction stir welding, our FSW Training service is the perfect next step. We offer specialized training programs tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you and your team gain the expert level proficiency required for your unique projects.

Expert Friction Stir Welding Guidance

If you have questions after our friction stir welding webinars, or need help with your FSW project, we’re here to assist. Our experts are ready to guide you.