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Friction Stir Welding Clamping System

Design of your Friction Stir Welding clamping system by our experts.

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Why choose Stirweld for your FSW clamping system?

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FSW Expertise

Leverage our deep-rooted experience and specialized expertise in Friction Stir Welding to customize your clamping tools for the perfect fit with your components.

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Superior Quality

Elevate the standard of your welding processes and the components produced by using our meticulously crafted clamping tools, created exclusively for optimal FSW performance.

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Cost Reduction

Lower your production expenses with our efficient and bespoke tooling solutions, designed to reduce the incidence of quality-related costs.

Unlocking Friction Stir Welding: Key Features of Stirweld FSW Clamping System

In the field of FSW technology, the Stirweld Friction Stir Welding clamping system stands out for its versatility and precision. There are three types of clamping jig available: the standard clamping jig, known as off-the-shelf clamping system, the simple clamping jig and the complex one. Each type, available in both manual and automatic versions, is designed to meet specific requirements of each part, including its design and the necessary welding trajectory.

fsw off the shelf clamping system

Off-the-shelf clamping jig

fsw complex clamping jig

Complex clamping jig

fsw simple clamping jig

Simple clamping jig

clamping system for friction stir welding

At Stirweld, our approach is deeply collaborative, commencing with a launch phase that involves not just initial meetings, but a series of interactive workshops with our clients. These sessions are designed to align our team with the specific needs of your project, ensuring that every detail of the welding and technical specifications is meticulously tailored to your operational requirements.

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your objectives, we transition into the design phase. This critical stage is about more than just technical precision; it’s about adopting a user-centric perspective that prioritizes the workflow and ease of use for your team. We conduct extensive reviews and iterations, involving you at each step to refine both 3D models and 2D plans until they meet your exact standards.

The fabrication and assembly processes at Stirweld are executed with the utmost attention to detail. Our skilled technicians bring the designs to life, ensuring every component of the Friction Stir Welding clamping system is crafted to the highest standards of quality and precision. We engage in rigorous testing to guarantee that the equipment performs flawlessly under the specific conditions of your welding operations.

The commitment of Stirweld to excellence extends beyond the workshop. We offer comprehensive FSW prototype welding services at our facilities, allowing for real-world testing and adjustments. Alternatively, we can deliver the tooling directly to your site, providing extensive support to ensure seamless integration into your existing processes. This includes hands-on FSW training for your staff and troubleshooting any initial challenges that may arise.

The culmination of our process is a well-orchestrated delivery, where we ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We stay engaged post-delivery to monitor the performance and gather feedback, as we believe that the satisfaction of our clients is the true measure of our success. With Stirweld, you can trust that your Friction Stir Welding clamping system is not just a tool, but a gateway to enhanced productivity and quality.

Usage Examples: Friction Stir Welding Clamping Systems

Design for large thicknesses

friction stir welding machine with clamping system

Clamping system on a special FSW machine designed for large thicknesses

Designed for use with FSW machines for thicker materials, this clamping system is tailored to handle a 12 mm thick, 3-meter-long workpiece. It involves clamping three parts onto the jig, which is then secured to the machine table. Two welding operations are conducted subsequently. The clamping system comprises two primary components:

  • Welded Mechanical Bridges: These are crucial for pressing the part against both the anvil and the jig during the welding process. A bridge is positioned on each side to apply pressure at the points of the two welds to be made.
  • Mechanical Stops: These are essential for securing the parts at the sides, preventing any movement along the x- and y-axes. This design ensures there are no gaps between the parts during the friction stir welding process, maintaining precision and quality in the weld.

Clamping for large-scale disc assembly

Sometimes, the dimensions of raw aluminum plates are too small to create the part you envision. The solution: Friction Stir Welding.

This clamping tool is specifically designed to join two half-aluminum discs, each 6.5 mm thick, to form a complete disc with a diameter of 3 meters.

The anvils and vertical supports are directly attached to the machine table, while two beams equipped with multiple spring-loaded clamps ensure vertical clamping. The use of multiple spring-loaded elements in the clamping system helps eliminate the bending effect on the beam, which is clamped at both ends.

The final part is then shaped by fluoforming into a dome to be used as the bottom of a tank. The fluoforming process places high demands on the material, making FSW the ideal technology to handle these stresses.

friction stir welding machine with clamping system

Customized clamping setup for large diameter aluminum discs (6 mm 5186)

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