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Vacuum Chamber Welded by FSW

Improved technical characteristics of aluminum vacuum chambers through friction stir welding.

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Why Choose Friction Stir Welding for Your Vacuum Chamber Assembly?

Friction Stir Welding provides reliable and cost-effective aluminum vacuum chambers. With zero leakage after ten years, FSW ensures leak-proof, non-magnetic chambers with low nuclear activation, at costs up to ten times lower than using copper, brazing or traditional welding methods.

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Leak-Free Assurance

No risk of leaks with solid-state welding; guaranteed 100% leak-proof even after a decade of use.

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Non-Magnetic & Low Nuclear Activation

Crafted entirely from non-magnetic aluminum, ensuring minimal nuclear activation.

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Cost-Efficiency Advantage

Cut expenses by up to 10 times when compared to copper tubing, brazing or traditional welding methods.

Technical Specifications of FSW-Welded Aluminium Vacuum Chambers

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When considering material pricing, aluminum is a substantially more cost-effective choice compared to stainless steel, making it a favorable material for various applications. Priced at approximately $5 per kilogram, aluminum is significantly cheaper than its stainless steel counterparts, with Stainless 304L and Stainless 316L priced around $10 and $11 per kilogram, respectively. Although aluminum requires a thickness about 1.5 times that of stainless steel, its density is only a third of the latter. This results in stainless steel being approximately four times more expensive than aluminum when comparing structurally equivalent members.

While stainless steel has been a preferred material in vacuum applications due to its superior weldability over aluminum, the introduction of Friction Stir Welding has effectively addressed this challenge. FSW is a solid-state welding process that eliminates issues like porosity, cracking and sticking commonly associated with aluminum welding, thus leveling the playing field between the two materials.

When it comes to welding aluminum vacuum chambers, Friction Stir Welding effectively addresses and resolves the leakage issues commonly associated with fusion welding and bimetal assembly. This solid-state welding method yields joints with zero porosity, no cracks and no sticking, ensuring a robust and reliable seal. Notably, these welds exhibit no helium leaks at a rate of 1.10−8 mbar⋅l⋅s−11.10−8 mbar⋅l⋅s−1, showcasing exceptional sealing performance. Furthermore, chambers serviced with FSW have been successfully deployed at GANIL CEA SPIRAL 2 since 2013, maintaining a 100% leak-proof track record over a ten-year period.

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Utilizing aluminum for Friction Stir Welding provides outgassing rates equivalent to those of common stainless steels, serving as an efficient alternative for various applications. While the 316LN stainless steel does exhibit superior outgassing properties, it comes at a significantly higher cost and is not readily available in the market. Therefore, aluminum not only presents a cost-effective option but also ensures availability and accessibility for immediate requirements, making it a preferred choice for many who engage in Friction Stir Welding processes.

Aluminium Vacuum Chamber: Key Concerns for Critical Sectors

Due to their lightness, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, aluminum vacuum chambers are extensively used across various industry sectors. The primary domains leveraging their unique advantages include medical technology, the energy sector, the aerospace industry, as well as the specific field of vacuum technologies.

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Reliable Pressure Control

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