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FSW tools for welding cast aluminium

With our specialized tools, you can effortlessly weld over 1,500 meters of cast aluminium, ensuring consistent quality throughout.

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Maximizing Longevity and Efficiency: Stirweld FSW Tools for Cast Aluminium Welding

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The challenge

Cast Al/Si alloys are distinctive for their silicon particle content, which poses a pronounced abrasive challenge to conventional FSW tools. The inherent roughness of these alloys often culminates in accelerated tool wear, diminishing its operational span within mere meters of application.

friction stir welding machine force control

The Stirweld solution

In response to the unique demands of Al/Si alloys, Stirweld has innovated a specialized FSW tool designed to thrive in such abrasive environments. Demonstrating remarkable resilience, this tool boasts the capability to achieve over 1,500 meters of welds, marking an impressive 1000% leap in performance. Such a breakthrough is particularly beneficial for alloys like AS9U3, enabling their broader use in sectors keen on weight-saving advantages, notably the automotive industry. Through such advancements, Stirweld reinforces its dedication to tailor-made solutions that address material-specific challenges.

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FSW Tool Collection for Welding Cast Aluminium

Selecting the ideal FSW tool for your specific application is vital for ensuring optimal welding results, especially when working with challenging materials like cast aluminium. To assist in your selection, we’ve curated a comprehensive collection that encapsulates our range of tools:

1 to 3 mmButt, lap, T-shapeF-AS-1-X
2 to 4 mmButt, lap, T-shapeF-AS-2-X
3 to 5 mmButt, lap, T-shapeF-AS-3-X
5 to 7 mmButt, lap, T-shapeF-AS-4-X

Delving deeper into our collection, you’ll find tools equipped with smart features, like temperature recording during the welding process – a crucial element in maintaining consistency and quality. Regardless of the nature of the project, whether you need a fixed pin or a retractable one, we’ve got you covered. While the table above showcases our standard tools, we pride ourselves on our capability to tailor tools, crafting specific solutions that align perfectly with unique application demands.

Maximize Your Cast Aluminium Welding Efficiency

Discover the ideal FSW tool tailored for your specific cast aluminium projects. Whether you’re looking for our standard collection or seeking custom-designed solutions, we’re here to assist you.