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FSW heads for CNC

Adaptable and easy-to-integrate: enhance Friction Stir Welding with precision, efficiency and sustainability.

Elevating Friction Stir Welding Excellence with Stirweld’s Advanced FSW Heads

Step into a space where unparalleled technology meets practical efficiency in the realm of Friction Stir Welding. Stirweld proudly introduces FSW Heads that are precisely engineered to boost the capabilities of your CNC machines. These heads are not only instrumental in delivering unmatched welding precision but are also advocates for sustainable and economical manufacturing practices.

fsw innovation

Tech advancement

Incorporating solid-state welding process and cutting-edge mechanical precision for robust and high-quality welded assemblies.

fsw low cost


An economically wise choice providing exceptional performance without heavy investments compared to specialized machines.

fsw integration

Universal integration

Designed for seamless integration with 3, 4 or 5-axis CNC machines, offering versatility in a wide range of applications.

fsw automation

Automated system

Designed for ease, the automated features of our FSW Heads facilitate a smooth, hands-free operation, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

high resistance assembly for heat sinks

Robust welding

Achieve sturdy, reliable welds every time with our FSW Heads, ensuring your assemblies withstand demanding conditions with ease.

fsw green technology


Employ your current CNC machinery with our FSW Heads, ensuring environmentally conscious welding without sacrificing quality

FSW Heads for CNC Machining Centers:

Explore Our Diverse and Specialized Range

Dive into a collection of FSW Heads meticulously designed for CNC Machining Centers. Expertly crafted with the latest in Friction Stir Welding technology, each of our models embodies a perfect blend of innovation, precision, and adaptability. Tailored to meet diverse industrial requirements, our range promises enhanced performance and unparalleled versatility for all your welding endeavors.

low cost friction stir welding machine

Standard FSW Head

Our Standard FSW Head for CNC is a welding solution meticulously designed by experts specialized in Friction Stir Welding and machining, ensuring exceptional performance and quality in execution. Designed for universal compatibility, this FSW head easily adapts to existing tool machines, whether they are 3, 4 or 5-axis. By connecting it directly to your machining center, you instantly benefit from essential features for high-quality FSW: precise force control, real-time force tracking, effective tool cooling and optimal protection against mechanical stress and vibrations.

With various options available, this Friction Stir Welding equipment transforms into a complete industrial tool, ensuring high-level performance. It incorporates an automatic FSW tool changer, an automated head-mounting system and an intelligent tool holder that can measure the temperature of your welds.

friction stir welding machine

FSW Head with Retractable Pin

Equipped with the advanced features of our Standard FSW Head – including welding force control and recording, effective tool cooling and spindle protection against stresses and vibrations – this Friction Stir Welding equipment stands out with its retractable pin. This feature is essential for eliminating the FSW exit hole, a significant advantage in sectors such as aerospace. Furthermore, thanks to its intuitive human-machine interface, this head ensures perfect control and impeccable quality for each weld.

friction stir welding equipment

Smart FSW Head

The Smart FSW Head merges the foundational strengths of our Standard FSW Head with an advanced human-machine interface (HMI). This HMI streamlines data management, allowing effortless integration with your ERP. Benefit from enhanced force and temperature control, real-time usage tracking and critical data retention. Furthermore, it’s equipped for precise weld temperature measurements. Opt for the Smart FSW Head for precision and efficiency in every Friction Stir Welding operation.

Stirweld’s FSW Heads: Universal Quality Solutions

Designed for optimal compatibility, our Friction Stir Welding heads set the benchmark in adaptability and performance. They effortlessly integrate with 99% of available machining centers, encompassing 3, 4, or 5 axes configurations. Catering to a diverse range of machinery, from compact, specialized centers to larger-scale industrial machines, vertical or horizontal, our solutions ensure that the transition to Friction Stir Welding technology is smooth and effective. Beyond the engineering brilliance, our FSW heads exemplify our commitment to innovation, precision, and enhancing industrial welding practices.

Our FSW Heads for CNC Conquering the World

No matter where you are located globally, we offer our solutions and provide on-site assistance to integrate the FSW head into your machining center. Be it in America, Europe or Asia, our reach is amplified by our US subsidiary and a robust global distributor network.

universal friction stir welding

Not Sure Which FSW Solution to Choose?

Selecting the right Friction Stir Welding equipment can be challenging. Our dedicated experts are here to help guide you, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your specific requirements and constraints. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the field.