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Friction Stir Welding in Automotive

FSW technology revolutionizes automotive manufacturing with high-quality, lightweight and cost-effective components.

Unlocking Automotive Potential with Advanced FSW Techniques

The automotive industry faces challenges like the urgent transition to electric vehicles, adapting to new consumption models and managing global crises’ impacts. Friction Stir Welding contributes significantly by enabling efficient welding for lightweight EVs, supporting rapid mass production for various mobility services and offering reliable solutions during economic uncertainties. With advantages like high-quality welds, waste reduction and cost-effective production, FSW helps address issues related to competition, sustainability, regulations and standards in the industry.

Navigating Automotive Challenges with FSW Technology

water jacket welding

The automotive industry is urged to expedite the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce CO2 emissions, which also requires the development of efficient and accessible charging infrastructures to promote EV adoption.

  • FSW solution: FSW allows for the efficient welding of lightweight materials and non-ferrous alloys used in electric vehicles (EVs), thereby helping to reduce their overall weight and improve their energy efficiency.
motor controller assembly

Investments in key technologies supporting connectivity and autonomous driving, as well as crucial cybersecurity measures, are essential due to the increasing connectivity of vehicles.

  • FSW solution: While Friction Stir Welding is not directly related to connectivity, it aids in producing robust and reliable automotive components necessary for integrating advanced technologies.
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The automotive industry is experiencing increased competition with the entry of new players and has to manage complex global supply chains, especially during times of crisis.

  • FSW solution: By optimizing production costs through high-quality and low-cost welds, FSW technology assists automotive companies in remaining competitive in the global market.
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The automotive industry must embrace environmentally responsible production and sustainably manage access to essential materials, like rare metals for EV batteries.

  • FSW solution: Friction Stir Welding is a more environmentally friendly process than traditional welding methods as it generates less waste and emissions, contributing to sustainable production.
custom liquid plate

The automotive industry needs to innovate technologically to meet increasingly stringent environmental and safety standards.

  • FSW solution: The FSW process can help achieve and maintain the strict quality and safety standards required in the automotive industry due to its high-quality welds.
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The automotive industry needs to adapt to new consumption models, such as car-sharing and mobility subscriptions.

  • FSW solution: Friction Stir Welding, as an automatable process, can support rapid mass production and the manufacturing of vehicles suited to various mobility services.
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The automotive industry must manage the impacts of global crises, such as pandemics and wars, on production and demand.

  • FSW solution: Due to its reliability and efficiency, Friction Stir Welding can help stabilize automotive production chains during periods of economic uncertainty by reducing the need for repairs and maintenance.

Exploring FSW Applications in the Automotive Sector

FSW is crucial for e-mobility applications, delivering high-quality welds that support the development of lightweight, efficient and eco-friendly vehicles, while enhancing rapid and cost-effective mass production to meet contemporary industrial and environmental challenges.

aluminum panel stiffener

Stiffened panels

Stiffened panels are utilized for the floors and frames of battery trays. Friction Stir Welding is already a widely adopted technology for welding these crucial vehicle components.

aerospace thermal management

Heat sinks

Aluminum die-cast heat sinks are indispensable for the thermal management of electric and hybrid vehicles, guaranteeing the optimal performance and extended lifespan of high-performance systems.

aerospace tanks

Battery trays

Battery trays, crucial for housing and protecting electric vehicle batteries, must meet various constraints and quality standards, a challenge eased by the use of FSW combined with extrusions.

Recommended FSW Equipment for Automotive Applications

Our FSW equipment provides a multitude of advantages regarding quality, cost, and environmental impact, adhering to the strict demands of the automotive sector. Explore the Stirweld FSW equipments that our specialists highly endorse for your specific needs.

friction stir welding machine

Standard FSW head for CNC

Engineered for broad compatibility, the FSW standard head-V3 seamlessly works with existing 3, 4, or 5 axis machines, immediately providing accurate force control, real-time force monitoring, efficient tool cooling, and superior protection against mechanical stress and vibrations, all essential for producing high-quality FSW welding.

friction stir welding equipment

FSW spindle for robot

Compatible with high payload robots, the robotic FSW solution, utilizing our FSW spindle, imparts Friction Stir Welding functions to standard industrial robots, turning them into hybrid tools that combine welding and machining capabilities with automatic tool changing features.

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“FSW technology has the possibility that, when you weld, you don’t degrade the material as other process or other joining technologies. The main advantage that we see at Stirweld is the intercompability and the flexibility that the head provides us compared with a dedicated machine.”

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R&D Innovation Engineer

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Interested in delving deeper into FSW Automotive Applications? We offer a range of resources for your convenience, including insightful webinars, articles, and in-depth whitepapers. Click below to access a trove of information we’ve assembled for you.

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FSW die casting heat sinks for e-mobility

Unlock the secrets of enhancing quality while reducing production costs in e-mobility. Register for our free technical webinar on die casting heat sinks and discover the transformative power of FSW technology in your operations. Elevate your knowledge and gain a competitive edge!

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FSW die casting heat sinks for e-mobility

Stiffened panels assembled by Friction Stir Welding

White paper – 20 min

FSW water heat sink for e-mobility

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle manufacturers seek affordable, compact and efficient heat transfer solutions, with heat sinks emerging as the optimal choice. This report elucidates market trends, cost-effective and quality assembly of heat sinks with FSW design.

overcoming cold plate manufacturing challenges

White paper – 20 min

Aluminium stiffened panels welded by FSW

Dive deeply into the unparalleled simplicity of joining stiffened aluminum panels through Friction Stir Welding in our in-depth white paper. Overcome assembly hurdles with a method that assure lasting strength and resilience.

overcoming cold plate manufacturing challenges

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