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Power and precision at a controlled cost for your FSW operations: experience FSW Stirweld tools.

Unmatched in Quality and Performance: What Sets the FSW Tools from Stirweld Apart?

Dive into the excellence of FSW tools from Stirweld. Affordable, top-quality and endorsed by industry giants like Ariane. Experience intuitive features such as the Whistle Notch system and unparalleled traceability. Plus, with our extensive stock of the most common tools, order today and they could be at your factory within 48 hours. Choose Stirweld for a seamless experience, prompt delivery and dedicated support.

fsw innovation

Quality control

Each FSW tool undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring the highest standards in material selection, heat treatment and design geometry.

fsw low cost

Low investment cost

Thanks to our large-scale production, the Stirweld FSW tools are competitively priced without compromising on quality.

fsw integration


For assured quality and accountability, every FSW tool is equipped with a unique identifier for comprehensive traceability.

fsw automation

Ease of use

Experience seamless operations with Stirweld’s FSW tools, enhanced by the intuitive Whistle Notch attachment system.

high resistance assembly for heat sinks

Peak performance

Designed with precision, our FSW tools minimize defects, boost productivity and consistently prove their durability in wear bench tests.

fsw green technology


Stirweld conducts thorough pre-production validation to ensure each tool and procedure aligns perfectly with your specific application needs.

Key Components of FSW Tools: Understanding the Shoulder & Pin Dynamics

An FSW tool is primarily composed of two vital components:

  • The Shoulder: Resting on the surface of the parts being welded, the shoulder generates the necessary frictional heat to “soften” the materials (approximately reaching 400°C in aluminum). Its design and size confine the material, ensuring it remains within the stirring area and undergoes a metallurgical phenomenon akin to extrusion.
  • The Pin: Diving deep into the parts, the pin not only heats the material through a shearing effect but also guarantees material mixing. This is critical as aluminum parts often have an oxide layer. The pin’s design and action ensure that materials close seamlessly behind the tool path, crushing the aluminum oxide for a flawless weld.
friction stir welding tool design
Tool attachment – Whistle notch system

Friction Stir Welding Tools: Explore Our Diverse and Specialized Range

Dive into our range of tools, meticulously crafted with cutting-edge Friction Stir Welding technology tailored for every material you need to weld. Every tool type we offer represents a harmonious fusion of innovation, precision and adaptability. Engineered to satisfy varied industrial needs, our selection ensures superior performance and unmatched versatility for all your welding applications.

friction stir welding tool for sale

FSW tools for aluminium welding

Efficient welding for all aluminum alloys: 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series.

FSW tools for welding aluminium to steel

Weld over 800 meters of aluminium to steel.

FSW tools for welding casting aluminium

Achieve over 1,500 meters of cast aluminium welding.

FSW tools for copper welding

Tool in high temperature material to stand the temperature during copper welding.

Friction Stir Welding Tools Holders:

Our Versatile Solution for FSW, Drilling and Milling

The reliability of our tool holders is ensured through stringent quality checks encompassing geometry, material and hardness, and they boast standardization with the Whistle Notch attachment system. Choose from two options: standard or smart versions.

friction stir welding machine

Standard tool holder

We supply a range of standard tool holders, designed for both milling and drilling operations as well as Friction Stir Welding. Choose from fixed or retractable options.

friction stir welding equipment

Smart tool holder

We offer a smart tool holder designed to measure temperatures during welding, a crucial factor for ensuring the quality of your welds. Explore our advanced smart tool holder now.

Choosing the Right FSW Tool: Essential Criteria Breakdown

The art and science of Friction Stir Welding revolve significantly around the tool you employ. An appropriate FSW tool doesn’t just facilitate the welding process—it’s the backbone to achieving a weld of superior quality and durability. As you navigate through this welding journey, it’s paramount to take into account critical parameters like the distance to be welded, the depth of the weld, the unique geometry of the tool and the specific material you’re working with. These factors are not mere details; they fundamentally shape the welding outcome, determining factors like strength, finish and the overall integrity of the weld.

Just as a chef chooses their knife or an artist selects their brush, so too must an FSW professional carefully choose their tool. A meticulously selected tool not only ensures optimal welding results but also prolongs the lifetime of the tool and maximizes the efficiency of the operation, reinforcing the essential link between tool choice and welding quality.

For those eager to delve deeper into this topic, we have an article titled “How to choose my FSW tool for my application?” that provides a comprehensive guide.

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Explore Our Complete FSW Tool Range

Dive into the details of each of our FSW tools and discover the perfect fit for your application. Our comprehensive catalogue showcases the diversity and quality of our range, ensuring you’re equipped with the best for your welding endeavors.