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Discover FSW

Are you looking for an innovative technology for aluminum welding or bimaterial assemblies?

Is the economic competitiveness of welding an important criteria for you?

Because innovation is at the heart of business concerns, StirWeld is democratizing Friction Stir Welding (FSW).


Aluminum is welded in the automobile, aeronautics, space and naval industries.


Started in 1995, this cold welding process is now democratized for SMB.


Our qualified team (FSW experts & Doctors) democratize the process.


FSW Head

Our FSW head can weld from existing CNC machine tools.

Stirweld equipment reduces the investment cost of an FSW machine while offering the same performance as a special FSW machine.



FSW Tools

Tool selection has a direct impact on tool lifetime and weld quality. StirWeld offers you the most suitable tool by combining quality, price and reliability.

We help you to find the right FSW tool depending on the part and material.


Our clients

Stirweld's clients in FSW Europe
Need to set your FSW parameters ?

We will be happy to help you starting your FSW project in the best conditions