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Step into the Future of Industry 4.0 Welding with FSW

Seeking innovative solutions for aluminum welding or bimaterial assemblies? Prioritizing economic competitiveness in welding? You are at the right place. With Stirweld, innovation touches diverse sectors, from aerospace to automotive, energy, and beyond. We are democratizing Friction Stir Welding (FSW), making this cutting-edge technology accessible for assembling varied pieces across different industries. Our seasoned team of FSW experts and PhDs ensures that businesses of all sizes can harness the power of FSW.

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Personalized Support

As an emerging technology, having the right backing is crucial. We offer expert guidance from your initial ventures into Friction Stir Welding to your most advanced projects.

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Economic Accesibility

There is no need for costly equipment. Our FSW solutions integrates seamlessly with your current CNC machine or robot, making access to FSW technology at a fraction of the cost.

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Proven Reliability

Our solutions undergo comprehensive and rigorous testing, backed by widespread industry validation. This guarantees robustness and reliability for all your friction stir welding projects.

Guiding Your Company to FSW Success: Our 3-Step Implementation Process

Engineering and Analysis

Begin your FSW journey with a detailed, complimentary analysis of your part to assess and understand its full potential within the realm of Friction Stir Welding. We will help you get a clear picture of the Total Cost of Ownership, ensuring informed decision-making. From there, we move to prototype development, providing tangible insights before full-scale production.

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Design assistance

Effortlessly harmonize your part designs with the unique demands of FSW for a flawless fit and function.

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Collaborative design, precision clamping solutions, comprehensive quality checks and continuous improvement for your FSW prototypes.

Commissioning and Training

As an industrial equipment supplier specializing in FSW, we guide you through a smooth transition to real production with our range of FSW machines: FSW heads for machining centers and FSW spindles for robots. Your team will benefit from hands-on installation support and in-depth training for all roles — from CNC/robot operators to the sales team. We ensure that every member is fully prepared and knowledgeable, enabling you to leverage the full potential of FSW technology.

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FSW heads for CNC

Our range of FSW heads adapt to 3, 4, or 5-axis CNC machines. Stirweld adds FSW capabilities to your center, with force control, cooling, and spindle protection against loads and vibrations.

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FSW spindle for robot

Our robotic FSW solution adapts to high payload robots. The spindle transforms a standard robot into a hybrid tool, merging welding and machining with an automatic tool changer.

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Friction Stir Welding Training

Enhance team proficiency in Friction Stir Welding with a detailed training program spanning two days. Focused on practical application and essential knowledge, this program equips staff with the expertise to effectively implement FSW technology and improve production processes.

Continuous Support and After-sales

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Our support

Our commitment to your success in FSW doesn’t end at implementation. With our dedicated after-sales support and hotline, we stand ready to assist you with any questions or challenges that arise. Whether it’s fine-tuning welding parameters, addressing defects or managing quality control, we are here to ensure your ongoing success and satisfaction.

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International partners

Following our key figures, delve into the diverse industries that trust in the expertise of Stirweld. Spanning aerospace, automotive, railway, shipbuilding and beyond, our clientele showcases the versatility and reach of our Friction Stir Welding solutions. Below are just a few examples, representing a broader spectrum of our valued partnerships.

The impact of Stirweld extends far beyond borders. Our global footprint is a testament to the universal appeal and adaptability of our FSW solutions. Explore the map below to see the widespread presence of Stirweld across continents, highlighting our commitment to delivering excellence in Friction Stir Welding technology worldwide.

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Become an FSW Expert: Access Our Wealth of Free Resources

At Stirweld, we recognize the transformative power of Friction Stir Welding technology and its numerous benefits. Our aim is to ensure that this advanced technique is accessible and comprehensible to as many people as possible. By sharing our knowledge through a variety of free resources, we open the door for professionals and enthusiasts alike to harness the advantages of FSW. Delve into our rich collection of educational materials:

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Engage in interactive sessions with FSW experts, covering from the basics to advanced applications, providing both practical and theoretical insights.

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Discover through visual tutorials and case studies, illustrating how FSW is implemented in various contexts and its effective outcomes.

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White Papers

Dive into in-depth documents that delve into the scientific and practical aspects of FSW, offering a comprehensive view of this technique.

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Gain insights into Friction Stir Welding with our articles on latest trends, applications and techniques, bridging theory with practical use.

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