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Friction Stir Welding in Aerospace

FSW technology transforms aerospace with stronger, lighter and more reliable components.

Unlocking Aerospace Potential with Advanced FSW Techniques

The aerospace sector faces a myriad of challenges and stakes, owing to the inherent complexity involved in the designing, manufacturing and operating of aircraft and rockets. Friction Stir Welding (FSW) provides a set of unique advantages, making it an invaluable technique for aerospace applications. By meeting the industry’s strict demands for durable, lightweight and reliable components, FSW is setting new standards in aerospace manufacturing excellence.

Navigating Aerospace Challenges with FSW Technology

water jacket welding

The aerospace sector is under pressure to lower CO2 emissions and aircraft carbon footprints due to growing climate change concerns.

  • FSW solution: With lower energy consumption compared to traditional welding techniques, Friction Stir Welding is a cornerstone for sustainable manufacturing practices within the aerospace industry. Not requiring filler materials or shielding gas, it significantly reduces waste generated during the welding process, fostering a more ecological production environment.
motor controller assembly

Intense competition among aerospace industry leaders demands cost reduction and operational efficiency.

  • FSW solution: In a sector where competition is rigorous, FSW stands out by not only diminishing the need for costly materials (reduction of buy-to-fly) but also by presenting lower defect rates. This dual advantage leads to substantial production cost savings. Moreover, its compatibility with automation technologies accelerates production rates while maintaining a high level of quality and precision, crucial for aerospace components.
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Increasing air traffic necessitates continuous improvement in technologies and safety protocols.

  • FSW solution: FSW enhances the safety profile of aerospace components by producing joints of unparalleled quality. The resulting welds are homogenous with minimal porosity, significantly reducing the likelihood of defects that could adversely affect the structural integrity and safety of the components. This reliability is indispensable in an industry where safety is non-negotiable.
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The design and manufacturing of advanced aircraft and satellites are becoming increasingly complex.

  • FSW solution: FSW proves to be invaluable in welding complex aluminum alloys commonly utilized in aerospace. These alloys, often challenging to weld using conventional methods without degrading their mechanical properties, can be effectively joined using FSW, preserving their integrity and performance characteristics, thereby simplifying the intricate process of aerospace manufacturing.
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The aerospace industry requires a supply chain that is not only efficient but also resilient to various disruptions and vulnerabilities, ensuring a steady flow of materials and components.

  • FSW solution: FSW’s minimal reliance on consumables significantly fortifies the supply chain. The process is streamlined and less susceptible to interruptions due to changes in material availability or quality, ensuring a robust and reliable production line for aerospace manufacturers. This approach is essential in maintaining uninterrupted operations and meeting the industry’s demanding timelines effectively.
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Navigating a highly specialized and competitive field, the aerospace sector necessitates attracting and retaining top-tier talent for sustained success.

  • FSW solution: While mastery of FSW technology is crucial, its inherent capacity for automation significantly eases the learning curve for operators. This not only simplifies the training and recruitment processes but also broadens the talent pool, facilitating the onboarding of personnel adept at leveraging FSW for optimal results. For detailed insights, explore our Stirweld’s FSW Training Offerings.

Exploring FSW Applications in the Aerospace Sector

The ability of FSW to deliver strong and uniform joints in materials that are challenging to weld using other methods makes it an appealing technology for a wide array of aerospace applications:

aluminum panel stiffener

Stiffened panels

Stiffened Panels provide crucial structural support in aerospace, enhancing rigidity while maintaining a lightweight profile for optimal aircraft performance.

aerospace thermal management

Cold plates

Cold plates are essential for thermal management of aerospace electronics, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity of high-performance systems.

aerospace tanks


Aerospace tanks are vital for storing fuels and other fluids securely, requiring welding solutions that guarantee a leak-proof and durable structure.

Recommended FSW Equipment for Aerospace Applications

Our FSW equipment delivers numerous benefits in terms of quality, efficiency, cost and environmental impact, meeting the stringent requirements of the aerospace sector.

Discover the equipment pieces our experts highly recommend for your needs:

friction stir welding machine

Standard FSW head for CNC

Designed for universal compatibility, the FSW Standard Head effortlessly integrates with existing 3, 4, or 5-axis machines, instantly offering precise force control, real-time force monitoring, effective tool cooling and optimal protection against mechanical stress and vibrations for high-quality FSW welding.

friction stir welding equipment

FSW head for CNC with retractable pin

Featuring the advanced functions of our FSW Standard Head, the FSW Head with Retractable Pin stands out with its retractable pin feature, eliminating exit holes, a significant advantage in aerospace applications. Its user-friendly interface ensures perfect control and impeccable quality for each weld.

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“Two essential reasons led us to choose Friction Stir Welding. First, it provides an excellent opportunity to secure the assembly operations between the sole and the cover, which together make up the heat sink. Second, we were looking for a technology that is not only simpler but also more reliable. FSW not only simplifies the industrial process, it’s also safer and can lead to significant cost reductions.”

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Supplier Development

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overcoming cold plate manufacturing challenges

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Aluminium stiffened panels welded by FSW

Explore the unmatched ease of assembling stiffened aluminium panels with FSW in our concise white paper. Transform assembly challenges with techniques ensuring durability and resistance.

thermal management - FSW liquid cold plate

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