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Automatic FSW head changer

Elevate your CNC machine to Industry 4.0: A hybrid system integrating machining and welding operations.

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Enhance your Machine Versatility with our Automatic FSW Head Changer

Boost your productivity with our cutting-edge automatic FSW head changer. This revolutionary system allows for swift and smooth transitions between welding and machining, dramatically reducing downtime. Transform your setup into a versatile hybrid that excels at both FSW welding and precision milling operations. The key advantage lies in the significant time savings achieved by performing dual operations on one machine — fully automated and entirely hands-free.

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Fully autonomous system

Experience the pinnacle of automation with our 100% automatic welding system.

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Hybrid equipment

Merge welding and milling operations within a single CNC machine. Enhanced with comprehensive access to your entire carousel tool changer.

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Optimized time cycles

Streamline your production with our time cycle optimization, designed for peak efficiency.

friction stir welding support


Enjoy the convenience of a no-maintenance solution to keep your operations running smoothly.

friction stir welding cost efficiency

Accelerate welding speed

Achieve rapid production speeds of up to 3 m/min in your welding processes.

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Universal solution

Our solution is adaptable ensuring seamless integration with your CNC machine.

Unlocking Friction Stir Welding x Milling: Principle of the Automatic FSW Head Changer

Safety Ensured with Protective Measures

The FSW head, securely positioned on the machine table, is safeguarded by a dynamic cover to ensure operator safety and component integrity.

Precision clamping by CNC spindle

Engage the FSW head with the CNC spindle, equipped with an automatic clamping device for seamless transition.

Friction Stir Welding Readiness

Your equipment is now ready for Friction Stir Welding, set to deliver exceptional welding performance.

Quality Completion and Delivery

Upon completion, your component meets the rigorous ISO 25239 quality standards, ready for dispatch to your client.

Machine Footprint of our Automatic FSW Head Changer

cnc milling machine
Size300-mm long, (7.9 in), 300-mm wide (7.9 in)
Weight20 kg
Minimum spindle nose to table800 mm

Custom Adaptability of Our Automatic FSW Head Changer

Experience the seamless integration of Stirweld Automatic FSW Head Changer with your CNC machinery. Our advanced system is designed to adapt to your specific setup, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The accompanying 3D images illustrate the versatility of our head changer, featuring an auto-opening cover for ultimate convenience and safety. Witness the adaptability that caters to diverse operational needs, ensuring a transition into Industry 4.0 with efficiency and ease.

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Customize Your CNC with FSW Automation

Elevate your production efficiency with our Automatic FSW Head Changer. Get in touch to tailor the perfect FSW automation solution for your CNC setup.