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Experience peace of mind with constant and proactive support, ensuring your processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and reliability.

after sales friction stir welding services

How do we ensure your continued success with Stirweld?

no hiding costs in friction stir welding services

No hiding costs

With Stirweld, what you see is what you get. We believe in honest and clear communication, ensuring there are no hidden fees in our after-sales support. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can budget without surprises, as our straightforward pricing covers all the support services you require.

never alone in friction stir welding services

Never alone

Experience unwavering support with Stirweld. Our dedicated team is always just a call or click away, ensuring you have the expert assistance you need, whenever you need it. Our proactive approach helps you maximize uptime and keep your operations running smoothly.

worldwide assistance in friction stir welding services

Worldwide Assistance

Wherever you are, Stirweld’s support follows. Our international support network means that expert help is available no matter where your operations take you. From remote diagnostics to on-site interventions, our global team is equipped to ensure your welding processes are optimized for any location.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract with Dedicated Support Team

After successfully commissioning and training your team on the FSW head for CNC or the FSW spindle for robot, our commitment to your operational excellence continues. Discover how Stirweld’s dedicated support and tailored maintenance contracts can enhance your welding operations over time.

friction stir welding services

During 3 months after the commissioning and training of the FSW equipment: 

  • Responsive Expertise: Have any questions or need assistance with your FSW parameters? Our team is ready to help you optimize your welding process, address any defects and establish a robust quality control procedure.
  • Flexible Communication: Choose the communication method that best fits your organization, whether it’s phone, email, WhatsApp or web conferencing.
  • On-site Expert Availability: On request, a Stirweld FSW expert can visit your facility to provide hands-on advice, support and process optimization (cost to be agreed upon beforehand).
friciton stir welding equipment market

During 1 year after the commissioning and training of the FSW equipment:

  • Extended Warranty: Enjoy a free 1-year warranty on your FSW head for CNC and all associated accessories, ensuring your operations run smoothly.
  • Ready Stock of Spare Parts: We maintain a complete inventory of spare parts, available for dispatch within 12 business hours, minimizing any potential downtime.
ISO 9001:2015

1 year after the commissioning and training of the FSW equipment:

  • Extended Warranty and Full Maintenance Package: We offer an extended warranty that includes full package certification and maintenance. This package covers control and supply of a FSW head certification report compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 9100 standards, and complete maintenance including a 20-point check and spare part replacement.

Facing an issue right now? Let’s solve it together quickly

If you’re experiencing any challenges with our products or services, don’t wait to get help. Contact us directly and let our experts assist you. Send us a description of what’s happening through our support form so we can analyze your case. If it’s urgent, feel free to call us directly. We’re here to ensure your operations continue smoothly.

Stirweld – France

+33 (0)6 35 62 77 45

Stirweld Inc. – U.S.A.

+1 (947)-277-0245

Key Features of Stirweld After Sales Support

Discover how Stirweld is committed to ensuring your continued success long after your initial purchase. Our after sales support is designed to provide you with the assistance and resources you need to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. From immediate local contacts to expert technicians on-site, we offer a range of tailored services to meet your unique needs.

friction stir welding support

24-Hour Contact Promise

Expect your first response within 24 business hours, whether by phone, WhatsApp or video meeting.

remote diagnostic service in friction stir welding

Remote Diagnostic Service

Ensure optimal safety and efficiency with our precise remote diagnostics and rapid issue resolution.

on-site friction stir welding expertise

On-site Stirweld Expertise

Benefit from having a Stirweld expert technician directly at your facility for specialized support.

Global Spare Parts Distribution for Rapid Delivery

Ensure your operations continue without interruption with our quick and efficient global spare parts distribution. We hold stock in strategic locations across France, USA and Korea, allowing us to promise short delivery times and help you save on storage costs. Our same-time-zone dispatch capability means faster service and less downtime for your business.

Spare parts shipping centers:

fsw worldwide

Short delivery time: 12-hr shipping

Save your cash

Same time zone

IN STOCK: 10 FSW heads, 2000 FSW tools and various spare parts.

PartPart numberStock location
Splined Shaft (male)INT-2020-01-02France, USA, Korea
Splined sleeve (female) + elastic couplingINT-2020-01-03France, USA, Korea
Second interfaceINT-2020-01-01France, USA, Korea
Piston (including 3 high payload bearings)INT-2020-02-03France, USA, Korea
4 linear axesINT-2020-03-05France, USA, Korea
Coupling shaftINT-2020-03-07France, USA, Korea
Top bearing nutINT-2020-01-04France, USA, Korea
Top bearing coverINT-2020-01-05France, USA, Korea
Top O ringINT-2020-01-06France, USA, Korea
Control panelINT-2020-02-04France, USA, Korea
Options for spare parts

Enhance Your Operations with Stirweld Support

Keep your equipment at peak performance with Stirweld’s comprehensive after-sales support. From expert technical assistance to rapid delivery of spare parts, we ensure your operations continue without interruption. Whether you need immediate help with your FSW equipment, quick answers from our experts or fast shipping of spare parts, our dedicated team is ready to assist you.