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Flange Builders Welded by FSW

Enhanced technical characteristics of flange builders through Friction Stir Welding.

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Why Choose Friction Stir Welding for Your Flange Builders Assembly?

Friction Stir Welding offers a reliable and economical solution for constructing aluminum flanges. Demonstrating no leakage over a decade, FSW produces flanges that are not only leak-proof and non-magnetic but also exhibit low nuclear activation. Furthermore, this method is up to ten times more cost-effective compared to alternatives like copper, brazing or conventional welding techniques.

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Leak-Proof Reliability

Achieve 100% leak-proof joints with solid-state welding, ensuring long-term durability.

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Non-Magnetic & Low Nuclear Activation

Made entirely from aluminum, offering non-magnetic properties and minimal nuclear activation.

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Cost-Efficient Solution

Save up to 10 times on costs compared to copper tubing, brazing, or traditional welding methods.

Technical Specifications of FSW-Welded Aluminium Flange Builders

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The flange builders on the photo possess noteworthy technical specifications that make them highly efficient and reliable. Entirely comprised of high-strength aluminum alloys, these flange builders avoid the use of stainless steel, resulting in non-magnetic components with low nuclear activation — essential characteristics for various applications. Furthermore, they exhibit no helium leaks at a rate of 1.10−7 mbar⋅l⋅s−11.10−7 mbar⋅l⋅s−1, demonstrating their superior sealing capabilities. Since 2013, these flange builders have been successfully operating at the CEA GANIL SPIRAL 2 beam line, underscoring their durability and consistent performance over the years.

Experience leak-free operations with flange builders designed with FSW technology. These cost-efficient flange builders are 2 to 10 times more economical than bimetal flanges, providing noteworthy savings. Made with lightweight aluminum, they are a third of the weight of stainless steel, resulting in substantial mass savings.

FSW flange builders offer weld resistance that is twice as robust as TIG, EBW or laser welding methods. Low nuclear activation and non-magnetic features characterize our 100% aluminum flange builders, making them immune to nuclear activation from beam irradiation. The exceptional thermal conductivity of aluminum, ten times that of stainless steel, enhances their efficiency. With a user-friendly design, these flange builders ensure short lead times as all manufacturing steps can be completed at your CNC, requiring only two days of training for operational readiness.

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For those in the market for flange builders, opting for components made of aluminum instead of stainless steel can yield significant cost savings. Aluminum components have the advantage of being manufactured from plate material, utilizing efficient methods like laser or water jet cutting. They can also be extruded when dealing with tubular shapes. Moreover, the superior vacuum properties of aluminum flanges crafted through Friction Stir Welding not only ensure impeccable performance but also lead to cost reductions in associated pumping components. Notably, the process of machining aluminum is five times faster than that of stainless steel, translating to lower manufacturing costs.

When employing the Stirweld solution, the cost-effectiveness of this approach is even more pronounced. The Stirweld system is versatile, compatible with any CNC machine—whether vertical or horizontal—and imposes no limitations on part size. Our FSW head, available for a competitive monthly rate starting at €1900, is adaptable to 99% CNC setups. It can be mounted or dismounted in just 10 minutes, requiring no alterations to your existing CNC machinery, further simplifying the manufacturing process.

See Friction Stir Welding Applied to Flange Builders in Real-Time

Aluminium Flange Builders: Key Concerns for Critical Sectors

Aluminum flange builders are widely utilized in diverse industry sectors thanks to their light weight, resistance to corrosion and superior thermal conductivity. Key industries that capitalize on these distinct advantages encompass medical technology, energy, aerospace and specialized vacuum technology fields.

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