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friction stir welding in shipbuilding


Friction Stir Welding in Shipbuilding

FSW technology revolutionizes naval construction with lightweight, high-quality and cost-effective components.

Unlocking Shipbuilding Potential with Advanced FSW Techniques

In the face of mounting environmental, economic and safety challenges in modern shipbuilding, Friction Stir Welding emerges as an eco-friendly, cost-effective and safer alternative, offering unparalleled quality and design flexibility. Its streamlined training and superior weld quality not only elevate shipyard efficiency but also champion regulatory and sustainability goals.

Navigating Shipbuilding Challenges with FSW Technology

water jacket welding

There is mounting pressure on the maritime industry due to environmental concerns. The focus is on developing ships with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the use of alternative fuels and minimal pollution like ballast water discharges.

  • FSW solution: Unlike other welding techniques, Friction Stir Welding emits no harmful fumes, ensuring cleaner air in shipyards. Futhermore, it’s notably energy-efficient compared to traditional welding.
motor controller assembly

Global market instability, stiff competition and economic swings dictate the demand for new ships, necessitating shipyards to be highly adaptable.

  • FSW solution: Friction stir welding is cost-effective, utilizing fewer filler materials and reducing post-weld tasks. Its efficiency also supports faster production cycles when optimized.
custom liquid plate

In the ever-evolving maritime sector, the challenges of upskilling, recruitment, and talent retention are intensified by the complexity of modern shipbuilding techniques and ever-changing industry standards. Companies are under constant pressure to ensure their workforce is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

  • FSW solution: With a brief two-day FSW training, friction stir welding seamlessly integrates into industrial workflows, making skill acquisition straightforward.
custom liquid plate

Customized ships, equipped with advanced systems and innovative technologies, have upped the ante in shipbuilding complexity.

  • FSW solution: Friction stir welding excels in welding intricate designs and varied structures, offering unparalleled design flexibility.
custom liquid plate

In an era emphasizing sustainability, ships need to be durable with minimal maintenance requirements.

  • FSW solution: Welds from FSW stand out for their fatigue and corrosion resistance, extending component lifespan. Flawless welds ensure optimal sealing, which is pivotal for critical applications. Plus, it adeptly handles tricky aluminum alloys that other methods falter with.

Exploring FSW Applications in the Shipbuilding Sector

Friction Stir Welding is pivotal for the maritime industry, providing unmatched quality, cost-efficiency and safety. Especially when it comes to welding critical components like ship floors or the cold plates of their electrical systems, FSW stands out as the technology of choice, both now and for the foreseeable future.

aluminum panel stiffener

Stiffened panels

Primarily utilized in the robust hulls and decks of advanced maritime vessels, stiffened panels greatly benefit from FSW, a prevalent and trusted welding technique that significantly enhances these vital maritime structures.

aerospace thermal management

Cold plates

Essential for managing the thermal properties of electronic systems onboard modern vessels, liquid cold plates ensure the peak performance and prolonged durability of intricate maritime technologies.

Recommended FSW Equipment for Shipbuilding Applications

Our FSW machinery delivers unparalleled advantages in quality, cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability, perfectly aligning with the demanding expectations of the shipbuilding sector. Explore the specialized equipment our seasoned experts deem best-suited for your maritime projects

friction stir welding machine

Standard FSW head for CNC

Designed for versatile use, this FSW head is effortlessly compatible with current 3, 4, or 5 axis machines. It instantly delivers precision in force control, live force tracking, effective tool temperature management and enhanced resistance to mechanical strains and tremors – all crucial for achieving top-notch FSW welding results.

friction stir welding equipment

FSW spindle for robot

Designed for heavy-duty robots, our FSW spindle transforms standard industrial robots into multifunctional devices. This robotic Friction Stir Welding approach integrates FSW technique, melding welding and machining tasks, enhanced with automatic tool-switching functions.

Dive Deeper: Comprehensive FSW Shipbuilding Applications Resources

Interested in delving deeper into FSW Shipbuilding Applications? We’ve curated a collection of insightful resources just for you, encompassing captivating webinars, enlightening articles and detailed whitepapers. Click below and immerse yourself in the wealth of information we’ve assembled for your benefit.

Webinar – 45 min

Stiffened panels welded by FSW

Delve into cutting-edge methods of joining stiffened panels using friction stir welding. This session sheds light on the unique characteristics of 6xxx alloys and the complexities of the high strength 2xxx and 7xxx aluminum alloys. Benefit from the wisdom of industry leaders, making this essential viewing for both experienced practitioners and those eager to expand their understanding. Don’t miss out!

Blog articles – 5 min

Liquid cold plate: FSW assembly for more performance and savings

Resurgam Project: the major challenges for shipyards in friction stir welding on steel

White paper – 20 min

Overcoming cold plate manufacturing challenges

Uncover the capabilities of Friction Stir Welding in producing liquid cold plates in our illuminating white paper. Turn manufacturing challenges into opportunities by addressing pivotal issues with this guide.

overcoming cold plate manufacturing challenges

White paper – 20 min

Aluminium stiffened panels welded by FSW

Dive deep into the flawless construction of stiffened aluminium panels with FSW in our concise white paper. Overcome assembly challenges with approaches that emphasize durability and robustness.

thermal management - FSW liquid cold plate

Set Sail with FSW Expertise

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