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FSW Expertise

Our experts assist you in the implementation of the welding parameters, the design of the clamping jig, the choice of FSW tools and the qualification of your applications. In FSW or FSSW, our experts will guide you towards the success of your innovative welding projects.

Prototyping Tests

To identify the optimum FSW parameters

Qualification Tests (NDT) of pieces

According to ISO 25239 standards (traction, fatigue, corrosion, leak)

Post-FSW Operations Test

Surface treatment (OAS or OAC anodizing, nickel plating,
painting), heat treatment, finishing, machining

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Liquid penetrant (LPI), X-ray, Ultrasound (US).

Quality documents


Stirweld welds aluminium friction stir welding

Leading you to the success of your FSW project

Our specialist team supports you in the implementation of FSW in your company.

The optimization of FSW parameters results in a perfect and reproducible welding operation.

The clamping of parts has a significant impact on your production rate and the weld quality.

We support you in the adjustment of the welding parameters and in the design of your clamping jigs.


FSW Welding parameters


  • Choice of the FSW tool
  • Welding force
  • Tool rotation speed
  • Welding speed
  • Plunging speed


These FSW parameters will optimize the part production while assuring a perfect and reproducible weld

how FSW Stirweld tool fonctions
FSW tool deeps vertically

 Design of the clamping jig

  • Geometry
  • Number of clamps
  • Clamping force
  • Tool wear
  • Tool path

As clamping has an impact on your production rate and weld quality, we offer you our know-how for jig design


FSW coaching for my project?

we can guide you in every step of your project

Specification for Friction Welding of Metals
Stirweld meets requirements in greater quality and safety for people, the environment and technology

Process Qualification (WPS)

Possible certification steps :

DMOS-QMOS approach applied to FSW welding (mainly used in aerospace and automotive).

The DMOS (welding procedure EN ISO 15609) lists the welding materials and the steps of the welding process:

  • preparation before welding,
  • setting welding parameters,
  • right choice of FSW tool.

The QMOS (welding procedure qualification) occurs during the welding operation, carried out in strict execution of the associated DMOS. It certifies the reliability of the weld concerned.

For FSW projects that do not require an aeronautical standardization approach, we apply the standard ISO 25239.


Stirweld controls every batch of FSW parts


Stirweld FSW experts perform destructive and non-destructive testing during the qualification process of your application.

10 steel after Stirweld's bend test

Weld of 5754-H111 aluminum with XES G10 / 10 steel after bending test (lap weld control).

Stirweld's bend tests according to ISO 25239

Bending test according to ISO 25239 (butt weld)

Stirweld's tests with fracture outside the weld

Tensile test on FSW welded part (fracture outside the weld).



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