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Conventional assembly technologies (screwing, brazing or FE welding) can lead to problems of quality (leakage, mechanical resistance), design (complex geometries are not possible) and manufacturing (time-consuming set-up).

The solution :

FSW performs perfectly sealed welds and resistant to high pressures. Moreover, FSW is very easy to implement, even for small batches and complex geometries.

Examples of application sectors : aeronautics, railway, wind turbine, military


The solution : part welding by FSW in order to get a preform as close as possible to the final shape.

Examples of application sectors : aeronautics, military, nuclear, space.

The solution :

FSW allows the welding of aluminium castings, even die casted pieces, due to the solid state.

Examples of application sectors :

Electronic box : the gains in mass are optimized without altering the mechanical characteristics.
Alloy wheels, battery boxes and heat exchangers are soldered by FSW