FSW Tools for Standard Aluminum Welding

The challenge:

Seal the welded aluminum parts.

This is the most common application for soldering aluminum 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and some 7xxx aluminum.

Our FSW tools contribute in particular to the realization of cold plates and heat pipes, stiffened panels ...

The FSW practice for these product categories is common in the Germanic countries and the USA.

The answer Stirweld

We have developed tools that allow welding to be performed to ensure perfect sealing. The operating pressure is higher (possible refinement of the lid)

Example of use: cold plates and heat pipes

  • Cheaper (FSW welding simply replaces TIG or FE welding)
  • Faster (welding is done in the MOCN)
  • Perfectly waterproof
  • Greater operating pressure (refining the lid)
  • Watertight assembly of several cold plates

The FSW for cold plates and heat pipes is democratized in the Germanic countries and in the USA.

We are able to offer you tools according to the following characteristics:





Our catalog lists our standardized tools. We also offer specific tools developed according to your application and made to measure in "fixed pin" or "retractable pin" version.