FSW Tools for Aluminum Silicon Welding

The challenge :

In terms of strength, aluminum silicon alloys contain silica, which is very abrasive for tools and more particularly for the pion.

This results in very rapid wear after a few tens of meters of welding.

Light alloy castings can be made in contexts where mass savings are needed, such as in the automotive sector. This process is used to manufacture engine blocks, exchangers, battery trays and alloy wheels.

The answer Stirweld

We have developed special tools for silicon aluminum welds, which can produce more than 400 meters of welds on these types of aluminum, a 300% improvement in standard quality.

Example of use: aluminum castings

  • Cheaper (welding replaces screwing)
  • More resistant by the use of high strength aluminum
  • Lighter
  • More complex form, infeasible by molding
  • Perfectly waterproof
  • Perfect thermal conductivity (metallurgical bond)
  • The replacement of FSW welding riveting is being democratized in the automotive sector.

Piece moulée soudée par FSW

We are able to offer you tools according to the following characteristics:





Our catalog lists our standardized tools. We also offer specific tools developed according to your application and made to measure in "fixed pin" or "retractable pin" version.