FSW tools for demanding aluminum: Materials Al 7xxx and Al / Li

Outil FSW Aluminium exigeant, rétracté

The challenge:

For welding demanding aluminum: Aluminum Series 7 and Aluminum-Lithium alloys

For these demanding aluminum and alloys with high mechanical strength, our customers have encountered two types of difficulties

  • Higher implementation efforts than with common aluminum.
  • Cyclic fatigue and abrasion are stronger.

The answer Stirweld

Our innovative design limits the use of expensive materials by ensuring performance and meeting the requirements of welding specifications.

  • Reinforced quality control
  • Performance maintained
  • Guaranteed Traceability
  • Optimizing the price of the tool.

Example of use: riveting with FSW welding

  • Cheaper and faster (a manufacturing step)
  • Lighter (reduction of assembly thicknesses)
  • High mechanical strength, particularly fatigue
  • Anti-corrosion, thanks to the use of aluminum
  • Perfectly waterproof

The replacement of FSW welding riveting is becoming increasingly popular in the aerospace sector.

soudure FSW remplaçant le rivetage
We are able to offer you tools according to the following characteristics:








Our catalog lists our standardized tools. We also offer specific tools developed according to your application and made to measure in "fixed pion" or "retractable pion" version.