FSW head

Our products:

  • FSW head for NC machine tool: low investment cost, adaptability, ease of use and installation
  • FSW tools: low cost, higher quality, more efficient
  • Turnkey solution: parameters, jigs, training
FSW head for NC machine tool

Our FSW head uses a NC machine tool for FSW. This innovation reduces drastically the investment cost to access to FSW while offering performances identical to a special FSW machine.


  • Low investment cost: compared to FSW special machines or robotic stations
  • Adaptability: Despite the lack of standard machining centers, the StirWeld FSW head can be adapted to all MOCNs.
  • Ease of use and installation: After the first installation, the user can assemble and disassemble the FSW head in a few minutes from machining to welding and vice versa.

Hermlé C30U dynamics

Vernier CV800

Mazak Nexus 510C

Hartford VMC-1300



Head features:

  • Matching on 3 to 5 axis CNC machine
  • Assembly or disassembly in 15 mins
  • No hard or soft change of CNC machine
  • Force control to secure the weld quality from 1 to 18 kN
  • Water and air pressure cooling
  • From welding to machining without head disassembly
  • Small size to accomodate welding jig
  • Self-lubricating: no maintenance
  • CNC machine protection against the high forces (up to 18 kN) and vibrations during the FSW process
  • Quick tool change (attachment with accurate positioning)

Technical sheet:


  • Compliant part: height of 300 mm
  • Interface: height from 60 to 110 mm depending on CNC machine

Weight: 30 Kg

Water cooling : 5 l/min at 25°C

Air pressure cooling: 3 bar

Head - console distance up to 10m (more in option)

Control Interface:

  • Recording of forging force for quality control
  • Temperature monitoring for safe use
  • Real time display process ajustment or process control
Wide range of FSW tools to meet your needs

For FSW, the weld quality depends on geometry and quality of the tool.


Our goal is to provide you a solution for every type of parts and materials. The tool selection has a direct impact on its wear and on the weld quality. Thanks to the FSW experience of its team, StirWeld offers you the best tool, combining quality, price and reliability.

The tools are tested on a wear bench to control their reliability.

Turnkey solution

Our team of specialists assists you in setting up FSW in your company.

Welding parameters:

  • Choice of the FSW tool
  • Welding force
  • Rotation speed
  • Welding speed
  • Plunge speed

These FSW welding parameters will optimize the part production while assuring a perfect and reproducible weld.

Design of the clamping tool:

  • Geometry
  • Number of clamps
  • Clamping force
  • Tool wear
  • Tool path

As part clamping has an impact on your production rate and weld quality, we offer you our know-how for jig design.


StirWeld training is both theoretical and practical.